Written by veteran personal trainer, Rusty Nokes, Christ Fit Fusion – The Fusion Of Spiritual and Physical Fitness delivers an insightful and challenging perspective on getting fit. Spiritually and physically, have you yo-yo’d, gotten weak, had moments of strength, experienced success, fallen for a lie, gotten discouraged, but always known down deep there was truth and a missing link somewhere? You can change your future in 31 days by following the Christ Fit Principles of 1). Eating a healthy spiritual and physical diet 2). Exercising spiritually and physically and 3) Doing them both consistently. Live the right lifestyle and the results will take care of themselves.

This excerpt sums it up: It’s FREE! And ANY “BODY” can do it! Whether you’re young, old, out of shape, disabled or have six toes. It doesn’t matter. Fitness is for you and just like salvation, it’s Free. It’s also very simple and doesn’t require a lot of fancy equipment or expensive memberships. But just like Christianity it gets too complicated. Although the message is “simple” the follow through is one of the hardest, most challenging yet Rewarding things you’ll ever do. The journey is full of trials, tribulations, pain (both good and bad), perseverance, successes, failures, plateaus, growth, and letting go of some selfish pleasures, but ultimately it leads to Victory! Are we talking about salvation or fitness here? You tell me. It applies to both.


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