A Warrior’s Roadmap to Healing Trauma 

“A book that will save lives and a book about those who save lives.”—Belles and Rebelles

Work stress relief—even after retirement—for first responders, veterans, service members, or others.  Hear from warriors who credit author Kim Colegrove’s first book for saving their lives, and discover proven techniques and peer support to conquer long term effects of stress and restore your well-being as a resilient warrior.

Reclaim your resilience and restore well-being. Wellness Warrior Style focuses on the unique challenges faced by those on the frontlines and offers support for all of society’s warriors, protectors, guardians, and healers. Understand the long term effects of stress, PTS (Post-Traumatic Stress), and find work stress relief tailored for first responders.

Healing trauma for first responders. Whether you’re a police officer, firefighter, emergency medical responder, mental health crisis worker, service member, warfighter supporter, veteran, or anyone else in public safety and service, take off your armor and set aside your shield. Let’s tackle these issues together.

Inside, find:

  • Personal stories from your peers, offering a sense of camaraderie
  • Peer-supported resources, including culturally-relevant curriculum created by fellow warriors on Kim’s online platform, Pause First Academy
  • Strategies to help you navigate chronic stress with resilience and strength
  • How to ask for help—and the importance of doing so


If you have read Walk the Blue LineThe Myth of Normal, or Nothing’s Wrong, you’ll love Wellness Warrior Style.


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